Study PG in UK ( MD/MS/MDS)

•Study specialization programs in UK for international students. There is no Entrance Exams Require and No Screening test require to clear.

List Of Universities

Specialization programs
•We have these specialization programs to the international doctors.
●Internal Medicine
●Obstetrics and pediatrics
●Diabetics and obesity
●General surgery (MchB)
●Oral and maxillary surgery
●Dental surgery

Requirements for admission
•We need these documents for confirm admission n UK universities.
●Valid international passport copy
●Academic certificates of 10th,12th,and bachelors in medicine /dentistry with transcripts
●English proficiency certificate (ILETS/TOEFL) minimum 6.5 or 92 Ibt.
●Birth certificate
●Reference Letter (NO. 2 ) from Work place duly signed by Senior authority
●CV Resume
●School leaving certificate
●Passport size biometric color photo
●Experience certificate of two years (fresher with one year internship can also apply )
●Health Certificates (Hepatitis A,Hepatitis B , Syphilus,HIV test report )

We need these mentioned documents for secure admission. All documents must be scanned with digital scanning and clarity
color format .

Tuition fees and finance
•The tuition fees and other expenses in Universities are as follows . Students must pay these fees for confirm admission and pursue their study in UK.
•Tuition fees for 3 years Postgraduate specialization program is 15,500Pound for whole program.
•Tuition fees for 2 years Postgraduate Medical research program is
19,500 Pound for whole programs.
•Along with tuition fees students must pay registration fees and student union fees of 650 Pound .
•Hostel fees : 250 Pound /month and food ,other expenses are 350 Pound /month .

Details of PG in Radiology Programs details as follows :
•1. University of Brighton Offers 3 radiology programs to international students a.
• in Radiology (14,950 GBP)
•PGDiploma in Radiology (15,500 GBP)
•PG certificate program in Radiology (fees 5000 GBP)
•Duration : 1 year
•Practice : minimum must do 1.5 years after finish of study . all programs are based on medical radiology and details of CT scan, ECG,X-Ray , and others .

•2. University of queen Margaret ,Edinburg offers clinical Radiology .
•duration 2 years.
•clinical internship 2 years .
•tuition fees : 12,650 GBP
•certificate recognised as PG specialization.

PG /PGDip in Medical rediation and imaging of X-ray and CT scan .
1 years duration of programs and 1.5 years of internship. not included in Programs.
fees : 14.350 GBP.

Require 6.5 ILETS OR other English programs.
experience not less than 1 years .
excellent study background and medical related degrees/Bachelors in Radiology/MBBS holder

How to Manage the Expences

•As they are Medical Practitioner ,during their Study period they will allow to work n Hospitals and it is Mandatory to work besides their study .
•They can make 18 GBP per hour from their Part time job .
•They will get 22 hours of work permission and clinical rotation during their Specialization in University Hospitals and University authorized Hospitals , the recruitment of the doctors will be conducted by the University authority .
•In Holidays the medical candidates must work 8 hours sometime they will ask to work night duty also .
•They will get extra of payment if any doctors attend clinical Rotation in Holidays or in Night clinical supervision .
•As per the UK Law of Labour wages the Medical doctors are coming under class 2 medical officer , as the rule during their specialization periods and training periods they will get 18 euro of wages per hour they can make .
•Minimum of salary during training and specialization periods Medical doctors are earning Upto 4800 GBP per month.
•It is quite easy to finance own expenses and many candidates also able to manage their study fees and other costs related to their specialization.

Medical-PG in United kingdom

If any student is having below 65% in MBBS. We have options for them.


1st they must attend PLAB Test and on the basis of PLAB marks, He may get seat in England medical universities.


They can come to any European countries likeLatvia,Lithuania and Czech republic after attending 1st year they can take transfer to any UK universities.

There are some universities,having tie up with UK universities which allow them to attend a program for post graduation without attend PLAB, and after completing one year, students can study in UK universities.

We have Partner Universities in these countries who accept international students admission for Master degree in Clinical Programs.

Extra benefits for applicant

MBBS – 55% (Not less than 55% )

Student NO need IELTS/TOEFL

Why they accept these students admission ?
UK education system is ECTS based and their education system is through Bologna process,so they follow all education system according to European Education system .

so the chances of admission is Very high.

Fee-structure of medical PG.


In Latvia,

University name- Riga university

Tuition fee- 9500euro

Hostel & Food – 400euro/month

Insurance – 100 euro.

2nd year onwards [2years or 3 years program duration]

Study in UK.

University- it may not fix. depend on 1st year marks .

university of liverpool

Edinburgh university

Nottingham university many more.

Tuition fee -13000GBP/year

Hostel&food- 450GBP/Month



Doctors Job Opportunity in Uk via Portugal


•We are an education guide line organization.
•We are promoting Study in Portugal and job opportunity in United kingdom.
•Especially, post graduate courses in medical ,master in dental surgery & nursing.

Doctor Job opportunities with Medical-PG
PG in Emergency medicine
Student can join PG -1year program,
1st year in Portugal and internship in UK.

After completing the course student can work as doctor in united kingdom.

Salary-25000GBP Per annum(RS.20.75Lac )

Course details
•University- Atlantica university, Portugal.
•Course duration – 1 year
•Language – English
•Tuition fee – 9,500 euro
•Hostel fee- 250 euro/month
•Part time job allowed -22hr/week
•Student can earn Upto RS.90,000/Month, during study.

•MBBS -55% overall(min.)
•With or without IELTS Band.
•Valid passport
• Excellent English Speaking.

Dental doctor Job opportunity

•Student can join PG -1year duration, in That 1st year study in Portugal & Internship in UK.
•After completing the course student can work as doctor in UK hospitals
•Initial salary will be 20,000GBP per annum
(RS. 16.60 lac)

Course details
•Course name –
PG in dental hygiene
PG in Dental implantology
PG in Maxillofacial surgery
PG in Laser surgery
•Course duration–1 year .
•Course language- English

•University – Atlantica University, Portugal
•Tuition fee- 9,500euro(total fees)
•Hostel fee- 250euro/month
•Food -100euro/month
•Insurance 100euro/year.
•Part time job allowed -22hr/week
•Student can earn Upto RS.90,000/Month, during study.

•BDS- 55%
•With or Without IELTS
•Valid passport
•1 year experience
•Excellent English

Nursing Job in UK.

•Student can join 2 year MSc nursing program,1st year in Portugal and 2nd year internship in UK.
•After completing the course student can work as nurse in UK hospitals, which is tie up with Atlantica university.
•Salary during study – 15000GBP Per annum ( RS.12.45 Lac )

Course details
•Course name- Msc nursing
•Course language – English
•Course duration – 2 years
•University- Atlantica university
•Tuition fee- 3000 euro/year
•Hostel & food- 250euro/year
•Insurance- 100euro/year

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